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Lundeen Family Mulled Wine

Ingredients In a small pan: Toast all till fragrant 20 whole cloves 2 start anise 6 cinnamon sticks 1 whole nutmeg - smashed In a large pot combine: 2 Bottles Red wine 4 orange peel strips 2 Vanilla bean pods 2 oz. Maple syrup 2 oz. Honey All toasted spices Directions Keep just below a simmer for 30 min. Let sit for 30 min. Add more

Butter Pecan White Russian

Ingredients 1 oz. vodka3 oz. butter pecan moonshine1 oz. heavy cream Directions Combine all ingredients and pour over ice in a rocks glass.

The Butter Pecan White Russian

The Butter Pecan White Russian Recipe from Lundeen Liquors

We took the undeniably delicious flavors of butter, cream, toasted pecans, and caramel and blended them all up with Ole Smoky moonshine. The result was nothing short of heavenly. 4ox Ole Smokey Butter Pecan 1-2 oz Coffee Liqueur Mix both and serve over ice with a cream float on top!

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