Lundeen's On The Road

Bardstown, KY

Lundeen’s has been hard at work with a trip down to Bardstown, KY to source some excellent bourbon for the stores.

A visit to Castle & Key Distillery was absolutely amazing! We highly recommend that you make this distillery a stop on your next bourbon trail adventure! We carry all Castle &Key products as they become available from their distributor. Stop in today to check them out!

Lundeen’s is also greatly anticipating the upcoming arrival of our newest barrel pick from the Yellowstone Limestone Branch Distillery! We chose a 4YR 115 proof bourbon that we think you are really going to like. Updates will follow on actual arrival dates.

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Check out our new barrel section!

Yellowstone single barrel–barrel proof. Hand-picked bourbon whiskey collection.

Available for $59.99

Check out more information about our Kentucky trip to select this specific bourbon whisky.

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