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Sparking Margarita Party Cocktail

Ingredients 3 Oranges4 Lemons4 Limes1 Sprig of mint1/3 C. Lime juice2/3 C. Agave nectar1/2 Tequila1 750ml White wine2 C. Sprite (chilled)1 750ml Sparkling white wine (chilled)Garnish: Salt/Salt rimmer Directions Put sliced fruit and mint in a bowl. Add lime juice, agave syrup, tequila, and white wine. Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 more

Pink 75

Ingredients 1/2 oz. "Real" grenadine 1 oz. Gin 1/2 oz. Lemon juice 4-6 oz. Chilled sparkling white wine Directions In an iced shaker; mix grenadine, gin, and lemon juice for 10 seconds. Pour into a chilled champagne coupe or flute and sparkling wine.

Red, White & Blue Spritzer

Ingredients 1 C. Simple syrup1 C. Sliced strawberries1 C. Fresh Blueberries1 750ml White wine (sweet or dry)1 C. Club soda Directions Mix simple syrup with white wine and club soda, add fruits, and refrigerate for 1 hour. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

Sangria Blanco Cocktail

Ingredients 12 oz. Sauvignon Blanc wine 8 oz. Lillet 2 oz. Brandy 2 oz. Orange Juice 2 oz. Lemon Juice 3 1/2 C. Seltzer (chilled) Garnishes: Orange and lemon slices Directions In a pitcher, combine all except seltzer, and chill for one hour. When ready to serve, add seltzer of choice, orange, and lemon slices in a pitcher. Pour over a more

L’Aperitivo Nonino Spritz

Ingredients 2 parts L'Aperitivo Nonino Spritz1-2 parts Sparkling Wine (or tonic to keep it low alcohol)1 Splash Lemon Juice Ice Directions Add ice to a large wine glass, add L'Aperitivo Nonino Spritz, and sparkling wine.Top with a splash of lemon juice and enjoy!

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