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Fall Whiskey Spritz

Ingredients  1 oz favorite whiskey or scotch 3 oz ginger ale 4-6 oz sparkling apple juice Lemon wedge to garnish Instructions Fill glass with ice. Add whiskey, ginger ale, and apple juice. Squeeze lemon then garnish.

Classic Irish Coffee

A comforting blend of whiskey, coffee and cream, it’s easy to see why this Classic Irish Coffee drink has been arguably the most famous coffee cocktail for years. 1 1/2 oz Irish Whiskey2 tbps brown sugarHot Brewed Coffee, to tasteWhip cream to garnish Directions: Warm a mug, add whiskey and sugar, fill more

Winter Beer Sangria

This winter beer sangria is a smooth blend of fruity whiskey, combined with spiced winter lager and seasonal fruit. Yum! 6 oz whiskey2-12oz bottles spiced winter lager beer12 oz citrus sparkling water2 oz orange juice1 orange sliced, halved red grapes., blackberries4 cloves½ tsp cinnamon Put fruit in pitcher, add spices. Add whiskey more

Cocoa Buie

A twist on the classic treat, Hot Chocolate. Cozy up next to the fire with delicious warm cocktail. 2oz drambuie9oz hot chocolate3oz hot cocoa mix1/8 tesp cinnamon1/8 tesp salt In a saucepan, combine all ingredients and warm over medium heat to a simmer.  Serve hot with marshmallows

Holiday Cookie Cocktail

This Holiday Cookie Cocktail features Irishmans Reserve, Coffee Liqueur, Butterschnapps, and ice-cream all blended together to create the perfect dessert drink this holiday. 1/2 oz Irishmans Reserve1 oz Irish Cream1/2 oz Coffee Liqueur2 oz Half and Half1/2 oz Butterschnapps1 scoop vanilla ice cream Blend all in a blender and pour into a more

Holiday Candy Bar Cocktail

Skip the candy and head straight for the good stuff! Here’s a sweet recipe for you to enjoy any time of the year. 1/2 oz Irishman's Founders Reserve1/2 oz Coffee Liqueur1 oz Half and Half1/2 oz créme de cocoa1/2 oz hazelnut Mix all together and serve in iced cocktail glasses.

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